The use of PVC for the production of pipes and related products is one of the most dramatic success stories of this century

Shanghai U-PVC pressure pipes are manufactured in conformity with BS 3505/ PS-3051/1991. Shanghai U-PVC pressure/Non Pressure pipes are used in water supply and distribution The company is a big manufacturer of U-PVC Pipes from ½” to 14” of Dia in Gray and white Colors. The Company having latest technologies of automatic machinery for manufacturing of their products.

Range of U- PVC Pipess

Pressure Pipes

BS-3505-86 Class B, C, D, E
ASTM D-1785-94 Sch-40 & Sch-80
DIN 8061 & DIN 8062

Non Pressure Pipes

BS-3505 Class- O
DIN 19534

Sewerage, Soil, Drain, Vitalization

ASTM D-2241 SDR Series
BS-5255 Thermoplastic Waste Pipe
BS-4514 Soil & Vitalization
BS-4660 & 5481 Underground Sewerage

Electric Supply


Manufacturing License:

Issued by Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) & then Pakistan Standards Institution (P.S.I.)

Enlisted as Approved Manufacturer:

W & M KP    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Water management Departments.

F.W.O    Frontier Works Organization - Rawalpindi.

PHED    Provincial Housing Authority KP.

C&W    Communication & Works - Building Department, Govt. of KP..

PTCL    Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, Islamabad.

Applications of Shanghai UPVC Pipes

Shanghai UPVC possess a versatile field of applications, some are listed below:

  • Sanitary plumbing
  • Tubewell
  • Water Supply System like potable water distribution
  • Drainage system
  • Chemical industries
  • Cold water services
  • Sewage system
  • Agriculture, Horticulture And Greenhouse Irrigation System
  • Chilled Water line for Refrigeration and Air-conditioning system
  • Electric Cable Safety System.

Advantages of Shanghai U- PVC Pipes

We are in the plastic age today. It is now a proven fact that U-PVC Pipes have successfully replaced all other conventional types of pipes like Mild Steel, Cast Iron, G.I, RCC and Asbestos cement pipes in the field of water supply, drain and other sectors of their use. Resistant to elements injurious to health i.e. free from corrosion, abrasion, growth of bacteria, algae and fungi. It is light in weight, handling cost is appreciably low and easy to transport. Installation is easy as the weight is low and the simplicity to join reduces the installation time exceptionally and installation cost is low as well.

High flow capabilities! As the PVC-U Pipes are not corrosive and inert to chemical or electrochemical resistance i.e. nontoxic and non-conductive with smooth bore and no scale formation restrict the extra pumping cost. It is self-extinguished. It does not support combustion, thermally and electrically insulated. It does not affect the taste, order or smell of drinking water.

Quality Management

Shanghai UPvc pipes are inspected and tested by qualified Quality Control professionals in our state of the art laboratory for conformance to the specifications to ensure standardization of the supplied products as per national and international standards. The scope of quality control tests ensures that the dimensional, mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics of the products conform to the relevant standard. ln addition, we reinforce our quality control and quality assurance by having our products tested by reliable third party authorities.

Temperature consideration

UPVC Pipe is a thermoplastic material and shows variation in its physical properties as the temperature changes. As the operating temperature rises, the pipe 5tiffness and tensile strength decreases, thereby pressure capacity of the pipe will be reduced. Likewise, as the temperature falls, the pipe's stiffness and tensile strength increases, thereby pressure capacity of the pipe will increase. ln addition, drop in temperature decreases the impact strength and ductility of the pipe. Conversely, impact strength and flexibility of the pipe increases with increase in temperature. However, U-PVC should not be used at temperature in excess of 60' C.

Working Pressure Testing Pressure
Class Bar Ibf/in2 Bar INF/in2 Master Head of Water
B 6 87 9 130 60
C 9 130 14 195 90
D 12 173 18 259 120
D 15 217 23 325 150

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